For couples who value authenticity

Garden Route Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, you may think that all I do is capture pretty pictures.
However, when I look through my lens, I am capturing moments that after years have passed, you are able to reminisce, remember and relive over and over again. All the moments that may get lost in the chaos of your big day. I long for the in between moments, like stolen kisses, longing hugs, belly laughs, tears falling down cheeks, glances from across the room. When you look back at your images, I want you to be able to feel those same emotions which you felt on the day. I do not take my job lightly, as your love is art and deserves to be told in its raw and beautiful form.
The core of my business is human connection. I truly honestly believe that the greatest art is rooted in friendship. If you are looking for someone who will befriend you, put you at ease, make you smile, wipe your tears, fix your dress and dance with your best friends, we might just be a good fit.
If you feel a connection to my work beyond the realm of price shopping and you are ready to dive into a love-soaked adventure where we capture all the raw and real moments that are the best representation of your love, then let’s do this thing!

Photographing your love story!

Raw & Beautiful Emotion