I have lived in Plettenberg Bay for over 15 years and I have only ever been to Nature’s Valley once – now twice.

The first time was on a school field trip where we looked at the interesting ecosystems in and around a river – I don’t remember much more about it though.

The second time was without a doubt the best (so far), as I joined Jade, Alex, Rachel and Abigail on the sand.

I will share a secret with you – I have zero love for beach sand!! None at all!

But… I will happily make my way across the awful stuff any day for this family! 

As we arrived, there was a thick mist making its way inland and it looked like something from a Hollywood movie scene, but OH MY WORD! I feel in love with every single shot! The Mist! Jade! Alex! Rachel! Abigail! The Light! It was all perfect! 

I cannot wait to get these 4 in front of my camera again! 

Watch this space for their next (even more exciting) shoot!