Leg Injuries

A leg like a tree trunk ….

Within the first 3 weeks of my boy arriving, he injured himself in true thoroughbred fashion! 

The tiniest scratch and his leg blew up like a balloon. Thankfully, my neighbour and friend is a vet and she sorted him out with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. 

We were put on a strict in-hand walking routine – three times a day and with PURPOSE! All to get the blood flowing to the leg to help with reducing the swelling. 

It took us 2 weeks to see the swelling reduce to a point where I could ride him, which I did – twice, before I injured my own ankle.


My ankle ...

I was hacking out with some friends on my now retired pony and he spooked and took off. I came off and did some serious damage to my ankle. I was off my feet for a week and wasn’t allowed to ride for 6 weeks … which was more painful than the injured ankle.

Until next time xx

Erin & Max