Meet Max

Maximus – 16hh – Liver Chestnut Thoroughbred – Gelding

Sire: Var   Dam: New Approach

I met my ‘little orange’ when my Gran and I went to Port Elizabeth to see a completely different Chestnut thoroughbred gelding, who I had my heart set on – we had nicknamed him BASIL. Thankfully a friend of mine had suggested we see another couple horses while we were there – I will be forever grateful to her for that! 

We saw Basil first – he had lost a shoe that morning so I wasn’t able to ride him, and there were a few other things that didn’t sit quite right. I already feel defeated, as I tend to set my heart on things too quickly – I am slowly working on this. 

We met the second horse, a stunning dark bay mare – a 3 year old – who moved so incredibly. She’d had a previous injury to her one back leg and I’d never really seen myself as a mare person… 

And then we met Max …

At a funny little yard with goats and chickens roaming freely, there was this gorgeous liver chestnut thoroughbred. Tacking him up in the stable, from the right & left, he was the complete opposite of the stereotypical highly strung thoroughbred. 

Needless to say, a week later we loaded Max up and welcomed him home. Lucky enough to have incredible and experienced eventers as neighbours, we took Max out with his new friends for an outride on his first weekend and honestly I was completely blown away by his calmness and the way that he takes absolutely everything in his stride. 

Until next time xx

Erin & Max