Our first few rides

Once we both got over all our injuries we finally got to riding! 

This is where things started to get fun! I am forever thankful to my incredible friend, Belinda, for introducing me to my wonderful instructor, coach, emotional support rider and all round wonder woman – Megan! 


Megan has given me so much confidence in my riding, as well giving Max confidence in himself.  We’ve just started with pole work, which has been interesting … Max isn’t quite sure about where his feet are supposed to be when going over poles but slowly and surely we are getting there. 

We finally managed to go over a line of poles without him ducking out at the beginning – to be fair though we had help from Megan and her trusty stead, Wills.

Until next time xx

Erin & Max

From right to left; my boy Max and I, Nicole with Curly and Belinda with Jubilate.

Planning our hacking route with Jenna & Curly and Belinda & Jubilate.

From right to left; Megan & Wills | Jenna & Curly | Dave & Curt | Belinda & Jubilate | Max and I