Visiting our bestie & eating apples

In December 2022, we had the best people and ponies move in next door! Belinda and Dave along with Curt, Curly, Wills and Jubilate. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better hype woman when Belinda came along. She has done so much for my confidence and never fails to make me smile! I am someone who puts an enormous amount of pressure on myself to get things right and when I was struggling with the idea that Max wasn’t going to be a jumper when we couldn’t even get trotting poles right, she made me get on Curly, a retired showjumping superstar! She brought my joy back and refused to let me give up. 

Some of my best rides have been with Belinda, Jubes & Curly! 


Having come from the racetrack Max was never fed apples or carrots or treats really. It has taken forever to convince him to eat apples – he is not sold on carrots yet! 

Until next time xx

Erin & Max

Jubilate checking to see if I have an snacks.

Stanley picked carrots especially for Max and he was more interested in the green bits. He did not eat the carrots.

Eating an apple like a 'real boy'.